Care & Maintenance

With proper care, lashes can be work 20-30X! To extend the life of your lashes follow these easy care tips every 3-5 wears. 

1. Remove the lash tray from your MUAVEE lash box and place your lashes in the lash tray.

2. Holding the band of the lash to the lash tray gently comb through the lashes using a spoolie and rubbing alcohol to remove any debris on the lash.

3. Gently remove the lash from the lash tray, hold the lash in the centre and gently peel off the glue. (Note: Be gentle in this step to not pull the lash apart.)

4. Clean the lash tray and put your MUAVEE lashes back on the tray to preservethe shape and keep your lashes clean, 5. Using black eyeliner, line the band of the lash to make them look new again!